“Let us not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.”

1 John 3:18

Partners in Hope (PIH) is an independent ministry focused on eliminating social isolation in the Lake Travis area. With our unique approach, we build long-term relationships with our isolated neighbors, and we connect them with a network of people in the community who can provide the physical, emotional, and spiritual help they need. Working together through these unique ministry partnerships, we are making a powerful impact for the Kingdom of God.

Our ministry is 100% community supported.


  • Destroys lives and leaves people feeling helpless with no support.
  • Increases health risks as much as smoking 15 cigarettes per day or abusing alcohol.
  • Does twice as much harm to physical and mental health as obesity.
  • Elevates the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, depression and death.

*Source: WebMD, May 2018


  • Forms relationships for lasting, long-term results through multiple “connection points.”
  • Transforms disconnected, hopeless people into active community/church members.
  • Enables the powerful collaboration of local churches and nonprofit ministries.
  • Creates a unique Kingdom Serving Paradigm that changes lives for everyone involved.

Vision Statement

The Lake Travis community is empowered to work together to eliminate hopelessness and isolation. Read more...

Our Mission

Partners in Hope is a Lake Travis ministry that connects people who desire physical, emotional, and spiritual help with people who will help. Read more...

What Makes Us Different

Unlike ministries that organize a crisis response to a housing emergency, Partners in Hope helps families by working to improve their living conditions, walking  with them through a season of life, and empowering them to transform over time. PIH connects families to community support and resources through relationships with volunteers, while offering an avenue for donors to impact their community in a meaningful way.

Our Core Values

  1. Community
  2. Compassion
  3. Connection
  4. Commitment
  5. Christ-Centered

Annual Report

Our 2020 Annual Report is complete. Click here to learn how your support impacted families dealing with social isolation (file is large so it will take a few minutes to load).